DIGIMON ReArise – Guide

DIGIMON ReArise was featured in October, 2019 of Anime-Style, Collective RPG, Turn-Based RPG

The game is finally available for all smartphones and it comes in bright light. The game follows the life of two characters, Tamers and Digimon. They will grow old together and develop their friendship. Players can enjoy new characters, modern graphics, and traditional elements.

Digimon Rearise is the latest game developed by the Bandai Namco for android phones and Ios platforms. It said to be the first Digimon titles have released on mobile. As a well-known franchise on various gaming platforms, Digimon Rearise definitely is a treat for a long-time fan of the franchise. In this tune based RPG game, it has daily missions and quests from various monsters. You have to be defeated, and it also has a Digimon team to improve.

DIGIMON ReArise Tips

Here are the following five useful tips that you should remember when playing Digimon Rearise, especially for the beginners or starters.

Do not use the “Auto mode” in Every Battle

Digimon Rearise is beat to set battles when it in manual mode and not depend on the AI by selecting the auto mode. In this way, you can save your best track for the powerful enemy on the last wave. It is helpful and useful when your enemy comes in waves.

Familiarize with Digimon Personality Type

When you are pulling a Super Rare Digimon from te gatcha, you will immediately want to put the Digimon into your lineup. But it is a must to familiarize yourself when selecting Digimon when it comes to personality type.

There are five types of different personalities that existed in the game: Brave (Red), Calm (Blue), Deft (Purple), Tenacious (Yellow), and the Devoted (Green).

Collect All the Stars in the Main Story Mode

When you finish a particular main story, you will be receiving a score of 1 to 3 stars. Make sure that all stars in every mission are collected to get more Digirubies.

Socialize your Digimon with other Digimon Tamer

It would be best if you socialized your Digimon and you as a player to be stronger and gain more bonuses. Keeping them on socializing will improve their moods then they can be able to gain a higher chance of making a critical attack.

Use Stamina to Finish Successfully your Battle

Your stamina is limited. Otherwise, you should use it more critically for you to win in the battle. In every mission, you will earn Digirubies that helps you to improve your attack and improve stamina fighting your enemies.

Digimon Rearise is a popular game nowadays. For beginners who are curious about how this game works. The abovementioned useful tips will help you a lot to keep your game journey experience became wonderful and finish in every battle unbeaten.