Devil Book

Devil Book was featured in April, 2021 of MMORPG

Be prepared for the ultimate adventure in this graphically-stunning game! Devil Book is a hand-drawn RPG with diverse and challenging battles.

Devil Book is a free game that will allow you to make your own team of heroes from different worlds and dimensions. In order to save the world, you’ll have work with other players in this turn-based RPG set during an apocalyptic event to save this troubled land and find what was lost—the “Book of Destiny”!

With a variety of skills and character animations, you can make your own combinations with 3 heroes. Show off your tactics on hero skill sets as well as attributes to take down all challengers that stand before you!

You will be able to explore forests, snowfields, deserts and volcanoes – each environment comes complete with unique enemies and challenges sure to challenge even the most seasoned adventurer.

You can customize their skillset through various enhancement systems so they’re ready for battle at any time without slowing down progression thanks to our Auto Battle System which takes care of all fighting on autopilot while still conserving resources like health potions. Don’t miss out because when it comes down between saving humanity or letting them perish forever off the face of existence…

Characters’ appearances can be customized as well. You can try to Make your very own superhero by costume and dye and then go on a quest for justice!