Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D was featured in October, 2020 of Roguelike

This action game brings in loads of disasters, challenging monsters and a hero who can sort everything out. The smash and hit shooter brings in a unique style of magic and sword attacks, outstanding 3D effects and an addictive gameplay. No matter how good you are, there is always a challenge waiting.

As a Archer & Sword Master, you are invited into this sword and magic fantasy world. To beat all challenges, you got to farm coins for weapons and runes that provide special skills in order to be the true Hero. The game has an invincible swordsman with long-range magical powers who is powerful enough kill any bad guy they come across! Gear up yourself by mastering your weapon–the ArcHero will bounce off walls using his cloak as wings.

This addictive offline 3D RPG Roguelike features:

1) A power packed roguelike smash & hit shooter – become the real Archero (like “archer” but cooler!)

2) Experience unique combat system of Sword + Magic staff at same time simultaneously; slash attack while defending from long-range magic

3) Awesome & fantastic 3D effects of the world design that will please you most

4) Be it gameplay, be it in visuals or be it sounds & music, we have left no stone unturned to provide joy and wonder every time

5) Super spectacular battle effects and fights against strange creatures

6) Carefully designed & eye-catching, aesthetic character design with unique special combat skills

7) Be it in gameplay or visualization, the game will keep you hooked for months