Darkfire Heroes: Tips for beginners

Darkfire Heroes was featured in April, 2021 of Idle RPG

Darkfire Heroes is an idle RPG where you assemble teams, build strategies, and lead the brave fight against evil enemies and monsters. The game is different from other idle games, in Darkfire Heroes, you can control the characters to fight in a battle.



In this game, your battle strategy is important. You should pick the right heroes and magic spells for battle. Then you can give them magical gear and make sure they are fully upgraded. This will help you do better in a strategic RPG battle. There are more than 75 heroes, 20 magic spells, and hundreds of epic skills and gear pieces that will help you with tactics for combat.


You decide what you want to do in the game. You can be a wizard, priest, warrior, and more. You have different special abilities that are good for different things. Each hero has unique abilities. You can focus on things like area damage, single target attacks, or healing.


You can show your skills in real-time battle and dominate the PVP Arena level in many gripping PVP modes. You can win and get prizes. Or you can just lose and have fun with your friends.


The challenging, turn-based combat and large variety of classes will keep players on their toes. As they battle the deadly boss for valuable loot from powerful creatures like lich lords and fire breathing dragons to earn a place in history as one of few who’ve completed this quest.


Darkness and despair fill the realm. All of this will change when you enter Darkfire Heroes – a land where heroes are in your corner! With hundreds of levels across 10 different locations, it’s time to get ready for some epic adventures!

Tips for beginners

Try different spells

There are 5 heroes that can each have an ultimate skill and 4 more passive skills, which results in 5 magic spells that you can use in battle. There are 20 spells but you are allowed to pick 5 to bring with you for the fight ahead of you.

Different spells leads to different output in a battle.

The team needs to be balanced

There are 5 heroes that you can bring to battles. They have all different skills and attacks. Each hero has a different element they are good at and also some weapons that they like to use.

Picking heroes need to cover most of these things:

  • Damage dealer
  • Tank
  • Healer
  • Buff/Debuff
  • Single or Range attack

Join a Clan

Clans are the way to go these days, especially for RPG games in the new era of mobile gaming. Players can always start their own but for those just starting out its best to research what being in one entails before picking your side.

Forget Auto-Battle in difficult battles

Darkfire Heroes is an idle RPG so it has Auto-Battle function. Player involves in a battle by manually activate skills.

When fighting a hard battle, time your spell activation well can lead to a victory.