Cyberika: Adventure Cyberpunk RPG Action

Cyberika was featured in April, 2021 of Action RPG

Action lovers, this is for you. Cyberika is an exciting game packed with action to chase your blues away. The game follows a storyline set in the Cyberpunk universe. Cyberika requires you to explore a distant city called Bradbury Complex whose inhabitants might not be very welcoming. This advanced civilization has its cities lit with neon lights, but there are also nightmarishly dark backstreets you have to fight through. Complete each quest by outwitting their battle tactics and fell their freaky punks. Though technologically advanced, Bradbury Complex is also impoverished and the police are powerless, it’s simply no place for the weak.

Cyberika’s design and graphics are on another level. The diverse characters and upgrade options make this game the ultimate action adventure this April. Additionally, its sound waves are unmatched; every minute of adventure comes with exponents of synthwave, retrowave. You will also get an opportunity to use a magic sword, power glove among others. That is not to mention the incredible with your sports car which allows it to out-speed virtually every chase. Get more details about those by downloading it today and you’ll surely have a memorable gaming experience.