Crazy Warriors

Crazy Warriors was featured in November, 2021 of Endless Running

Do you love pixel art? Then this game is for you! Run, jump, shoot, surf, and go as far as possible in this fun, easy-to-play, and highly addictive game.

Moving between different types of settings is always an interesting experience, but it’s even more so when you are required to time your transition. This can get challenging fast if done wrong or not timed correctly!

The game has various stages where the scenery changes with every new level – instead of just having one type for each stage like most endless runners do today. You start off as a superhero shooting bad guys in this particular instance before transitioning into surfer mode later on down the line through all subsequent transitions that happen continuously rather than suddenly after passing through barriers at certain points during gameplay.

It’s a free game with advertisements and in-app purchases, but the only IAP is to get rid of the ads ($1.99), which is always welcomed.