Comix Breaker

Comix Breaker was featured in August, 2021 of Roguelike

Comix Breaker is a deckbuilding-roguelike game that contains PvP modes. There are many different combinations that you can find in comic books. You will need to try hard and be patient.

COMIX BREAKER is a game where you defeat monsters from comic books. You can build your deck of cards the way you want to play and win.

There is never enough time for boredom. New comics are being updated all the time, and monsters will always find a way to get in your hair.

Find your best cards and snacks, and pair them together! Have these combinations help you get stronger, or take away cards that are not helping you complete a deck.

You can collect a lot of things and make them stronger. The monsters will ve defeated easily.

If you want to use equipment cards, make sure you have the right ones. Each card is different and can help make your deck stronger. Add these cards and be more powerful!

You will play a game with 5 other players in a 20-minute time. You will try to be the first one to win. If you win, you will get rewards and feel amazing!

There are new things in every season! Some of these things are exclusive to the season. You can play in Competitive Mode to get better rewards.