Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

Cobra Kai: Card Fighter was featured in March, 2021 of Card Battle, Fighting

This is an android game based on collectible card mode. It is based upon the super hit Kobra Kai series on Netflix. It requires the players to choose their dojo and paths and is featured with special strategies based on turns. The game is very fast-paced for allowing clashes in collectible card formats. The story starts three decades after the events of the Karate Kid. It uses customized card decks based on color, type, and level of power, earning XPs to level up the characters and upgrading Dojos with points, fights, and experience.

Fast-paced Card Fighting Action!

  • Customize your decks based on move type, card color, or power level (don’t forget the Wild Cards!) to discover synergies and fine-tune your fighting strategy!
  • Earn XP, level up characters, and help your students earn their Black Belts!
  • Collect and upgrade your Dojo Cards to make them more powerful and pull off EPIC COMBOS! SWEEP THE LEG!

Build your Dojo! Will you side with Cobra Kai or team up with Miyagi-Do?

  • Recruit students to your karate dojo and teach them special moves!
  • Fight against the training dummy and AI to test your skills!
  • Spar against other online players to rank up!
  • Compete in weekly and monthly online Tournaments to win honor and prizes!