City Builder Puzzle Challenge

City Builder Puzzle Challenge was featured in February, 2021 of Puzzle

Are you a lover of puzzle games? City Builder is expertly designed to give you endless hours of gameplay with over 100 puzzles to solve. The puzzles include the use of houses, shops, or even windmills. In addition to the many puzzles, the game also gives you unlockable achievements and extra content as you play. A player is given two high score challenge modes to measure their mastery of the puzzles.

Build your own tiny city with houses, shops, farms and even windmills! The buildings you build will affect the city and its neighbors. You should try to keep the people happy while also maintaining the economy. Think about when and where you want to build things, too!

You can build your own city and try to solve over 100 puzzles. Every building affects the city and its neighbors.

This is a game for people who are on the toilet. And it is also perfect to play when you are on the bus or waiting in line.

City Builder is perfect for everyone who likes games that are puzzles. There are short or long play-sessions. City building and Sim City fans will love this game as well because you can customize your city while solving the puzzle. You can experience life in a new way with all of the detail that this game provides.

City Builder gives you 100+ easy and challenging puzzles. There are two different challenges, which both have a high score. There are also achievements and other extras. You will have different environments for the cities and towns in this game.