Bullet Knight: Dungeon Crawl Shooting Game

Bullet Knight: Dungeon Crawl Shooting Game was featured in November, 2020 of Roguelike

Bullet Knight equips the gamer with an exclusive annihilator rifle to take out monsters as they come. But the deadline weapon is of little benefit without quick reflexes, and supporting weapons. A creative combination of skills and hero abilities are additional features that further enhance your experience with Dungeon Crawl Shooting Game.

You’ve been warned before about bringing a club to gun fight, but these monsters didn’t get the memo. Tap to play and release bullets with just one tap of your finger per shot in this bullet hell game where you need quick reflexes for powerful equipment like guns or swords and lots more than that too – thousands of rounds!

In Bullet Knight, the player can explore dungeons for as long as they want. As a bullet hell game, it offers you an exploration of different weapons and abilities that will help get your through unlimited levels. In this boss battle-style RPG roguelike game with never ending gameplay; players collect equipment to equip their hero before engaging in combat with enemies which provide rewards after being defeated by dodging bullets while fighting them off!


  • Random and exciting abilities make every game different. Explore vast deserts or war-torn battlefields with hundreds of maps to choose from in an endless adventure. Never end battles filled with monsters to fight and weapons to collect are waiting for you too.
  • Find powerful ultimate attacks along your journey – they will change how combat looks like forever as well as Dungeon Bosses who can only be defeated by true warriors whose skills surpass all others’ expectations; even if it means harnessing a weapon’s power when crafting them together into one perfect gun for each mission ahead of us while offline playing is possible anytime we want.
  • Bullet time and shooting game gameplay! Tap to move, release to attack your enemies – feel the power of devastating ultimate attacks that will change how combat looks like forever as well as crafting weapons with different types of materials we get along our journey to make them even stronger; which is needed when entering bullet hell stages where swarms of enemies shoot endless bullets at us.