Buck this Virus

Buck this Virus was featured in September, 2020 of Action

The virus is coming. You are in the first line of defense and your only task is to destroy all the viruses trying to pass by you. There are many of them and you are a single soldier, but you have powerful weapons, various tactics, and accessories to use.

As you take the first step into a world under siege, your sole goal is to halt this potential contamination breach. The only enemy in sight – an endless swarm of invaders who are hell-bent on destroying everything and everyone they come across. You’re no stranger to fighting against odds that seem impossible at best; so go ahead: pick up whatever weapon it takes for you to reach victory and put those enemies down once and for all!

Become the hero of your own story by shooting, slashing and blowing up an infinite number of enemies in Arcade Style Action Shooter. Survive as long as possible with simple controls that deliver satisfying feedback!