BreakBoard was featured in October, 2020 of Brick Breaker

Breakboard is a brick breaker with different game mechanics. It uses drawing mechanics instead of paddle in order to direct the ball player. You can draw a line to make the ball follow it.

BreakBoard : Brick Breaker is a game where you play brick breaker with levels made by the developer. Break Board features handmade 160 levels and nearly in every 2 or 3 weeks it’s planned to add new mechanics, power-ups, bosses battles into the game which means there will be more variety for your gameplay experience!

With so many different kinds of bricks to choose from, there’s no telling which will be your favorite! You might even find a new power-up that changes the game for you. And if boss fights sound more like fun than work – this is definitely the place for you!

You have a strict time limit throughout the game, and you will need to carefully manage your ink in order not to run out. If you want more stars at the end of each level, try finishing without running out!