Breach Wanderers: A Roguelike Deckbuilder

Breach Wanderers was featured in June, 2021 of Card Battle, Roguelike

Breach Wanderers is a free roguelike deck building game, which means you’ll have to ‘buy’ cards with mana in order to improve your abilities and make it through the dungeons.

You start with 8 playable heroes that each offers a unique set of abilities, 5 explorable maps – 500 collectible cards all together. Breach Wanderers is single-player only but feels like what combat would feel like in games like Slay the Spire.

Breach Wanderers is a new take on the Roguelike Deckbuilding genre, combining elements from Collectible Card Games, CCGs, and more.

 Build your own decks and choose which cards you’ll see each time you enter the breach. With an abundance of creative freedom, choose your hero from a roster of diverse archetypes, create your deck with unlimited possibilities before setting off for new trials.


  • Build your Deck: You should create a deck before you start playing. You won’t see cards that you don’t want to see! Breach Wanderers has many different strategies to play with when fighting through the breach.
  • RPG Grinding: You can make your hero stronger by leveling up. You can also change the game for your playstyle with guild upgrades.
  • Roguelike Elements: While you can choose how to start your journey in the Breach, what you may find there is different every time! Monsters, special events, items and challenges are all randomized. That means that each run will be a unique adventure!