Bomb Club

Bomb Club was featured in July, 2021 of Puzzle

Imagine a world where all your friends were explosives experts. Explosions and detonations are suddenly the norm, but you’re not alone in this insanity because each new fuse ignites is just as excited to know as you are! Not only will they guide you through every single level, but they’ll be there with encouragement when that crazy idea finally becomes a success.

We know some say happiness can’t be bought and we normally agree with them; well not today! Today you get all the bombs that need finding, all the challenges waiting to rise up against you, and loads of creativity ready for ignition – it’s nothing short of an exploding party (and if this isn’t enough to get your brain primed for explosive puzzle action then head over here for some statistics and figures to convince you).

With super addictive gameplay and tons of challenging levels, you’ll feel like the king bomb-slinger in no time. It doesn’t matter if your explosive expertise is amateur or expert – all you need is a mad love for things that go BOOM to enjoy building these awesome chain reactions.

You will find more than 20 different bombs that are a lot of fun. There is the Laser bomb, the Black Hole bomb, the Smoke bomb and many more. They each do something different. The Nitronomicon tells you what they all do and how to use them!

Bomb hats are the best thing ever! Put a hat on a bomb and it will get a new effect. There are hats like Party Hats, Hard Hats, and Top Hats. You can never have too many options or too many different types of hats. Your bombs will always look fashionable!

A huge map with many levels for you to explore. There are many different types of levels for you to play. You can explore the map on your own time and find new things as you progress through it. Who knows what you will find at the end?