Bless Mobile

Bless Mobile was featured in April, 2021 of Action RPG

The classic RPG Bless Mobile comes with four races and five different classes. Each combo carries a unique set of characteristics, which you can work on as you advance through the game – you might as well work on improving weaknesses too. Characters are well optimized and give you plenty of customization.

The battle system is extremely dynamic and active, while activities will let you do whatever you feel like – fish, gather and go through one adventure after another. You can join teams or guilds, make friends and compete against other groups. In terms of graphics, this could be one of the RPGs with the highest quality standards.

A Variety of Races and Classes

  • 4 Races and 5 Classes with their own unique characteristics
  • Choose your own class and maximize your true potential

Amazing Character Customization

  • Top quality customization at your fingertips
  • Create your special character that no one yet has seen

A Dynamic Battle System

  • Exciting battles with powerful skills and superb actions
  • Jump into intense battles with danger around every corner

An Expansive Array of Activities

  • Hone your Life Skills through fishing, gathering, and even unique adventures!
  • Play the game at your own pace and experience to the fullest

A Guild for Everyone

  • Join a guild and play with players from all across the globe.
  • Build up your guild’s headquarters with your brothers-in-arms

Stunning Graphics that You’ve Only Dreamed of

  • Lifelike visuals with beautiful sceneries
  • Experience a true fantasy in high-quality graphics