Blast Waves

Blast Waves was featured in January, 2022 of Pixel Art, Top Down Shooter

Blast Waves is an arcade shooter with time slowing only as you move and each shot counting.

Participate in the rogue-like Survival Mode as a new recruit. While attempting to get through an intergalactic battle, rapidly acquire new weapons and abilities.

There are far more vermin than humans. The majority of troops will not make it. Those who do survive are turned into permanent clone squad leaders. Players build and organize squads while fighting to endure as long as possible against overwhelming odds in the auto battler-like Command Mode.

With Blast Waves, you get to choose how you survive. In Survival Mode, build a character from the ground up and lead them in battle against waves of enemies. In Command Mode, select your strongest survivors to fight even harder odds. With 100s of weapons, armor types, and gadgets to unlock, you’ll have plenty of ways to customize your experience and overcome any challenge.

Battle your way through a hostile world of futuristic warfare with Blast Waves! Take control of powerful mechs and lay waste to anything foolish enough to stand in your way. With unique terrain and challenges in every biome, you’ll need to master the art of war if you hope to survive. Want to show off your skills? Collect holotags from fallen enemies and read their stories!