Black Desert Mobile – Tips

Black Desert Mobile was featured in December, 2019 of MMORPG

Choose one of 5 classes in the Black Desert Mobile and play versus players from over 150 different countries. Each character can be customized to the impressive levels and thanks to advanced graphics, it will look spectacular.

Similar to the other tips and tricks we’ve prepared for different gameplay, the most important method that you might consider to increase the strength of your hero in Black Desert Mobile is to improve their combat power. Aside from that, there are lots of ways that you can do to help your hero in improving its combat power immediately.

Tips for Character Improvement

Level Up Quickly

Similar to the other mobile gameplay that you’ve previously played, the current level of your hero will give you which stage you can play in the Black Desert Mobile. One of the ways that you can do to ensure that your hero has enough combat power is to level it up. But leveling up can also be used in unlocking new skills and activities that will provide you with more offerings to boost your hero’s CP.

Improve Your Character’s Skills

Upgrading your hero’s skills is also the best way that you might consider to boost the combat power of your character. You can get it by heading to the Skills menu. This menu can be found at the topmost area of your mobile screen. But take note that completing the upgrade will require you to collect more than just a Silver.

Get the Better Gear

Another great way to improve your character’s combat power is to get the ideal gear. But, similar to the other skills of your hero, it needs your time and patience. You can get the gear through farming the monsters.

Feed Your Black Spirit

Feeding your black spirit is also one of the best ways of improving the combat powers of your chosen character. But this way will just slightly boost its powers. The good news of this method is that you can share the upgrade to the entire heroes included in your team.

Gain More Knowledge

When it comes to playing the Black Desert Mobile, one of the essential sources of boosting the combat powers of your hero is the Knowledge System. You can understand knowledge in numerous ways. These might include defeating the powerful bosses, discovering new areas, and meeting with the new NPCs.

When you made up your mind to play the Black Desert Mobile on your computer, the aforementioned tips are the things that you should keep in mind to improve the combat powers of your character. On the other hand, as the level gets harder, boosting your CP also needs more work. so, you need to have a sharp mind to win the game.