Astrogon – Creative Space Arcade

Astrogon – Creative Space Arcade was featured in November, 2020 of Arcade, Minimalist

Astrogon comes with great graphic features, colors, and sound. One of the easiest yet challenging intergalactic synthwave universe game, Astrogon is a perfect companion. The user is guaranteed a mind-blowing experience from the first second to the last. Grab some popcorns and make yourself comfortable, it is going to be intense!

Match your wall color to stay alive, jump from obstacle to obstacle and try not to die. Collect as many stars as possible or you’ll be toast! Try beating all the time records too so that you can become a master of this game.

Be patient with yourself when playing on higher levels but don’t let fear stop you either because there’s nothing more satisfying than conquering level after dimension once every challenge has been met head-on! Earn rare Skins by defeating bosses – they have amazing aura effects like blazes, ghosts, clones and laser turbines for example !

Creative mode is a parallel world of your own, where you can express infinite creativity. You become the God of Astrogon and must challenge other players to be smart, innovative and clever in order to beat time records with stars!

This game will let you show off to the world your creative skills by designing original levels. The cool thing is that these levels can be played by people from all over and they’ll post their feedback of how hard or easy it was, comments on what type of obstacles were used, likes for creativity points and replays if they are really good! You’re invited to play other player’s creations as well in order to see some fresh new ideas come into fruition.

Don’t forget about commenting and liking them so others know which ones are worth playing again; just like a thumbs up button but more interactive with different types of responses instead!