Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast

Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast was featured in June, 2021 of Collective RPG, Gacha

Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast, an in-app purchase heavy generic SRPG just dropped on the Play Store and it’s just like all of other games in the same genre. Despite the game looks like a normal SRPG, it’s not.

Battles are easy or hard. It seems normal, right? You’ll either grind or need to pay to win in hard battles. But even if you pay, it doesn’t mean that you will get better heroes or items or win a battle easily. That’s why gacha games can be compared to gambling because that’s all they are: gambling with money!

You, an Aurorian, are a person from your ancient civilization. You command the Colossus, who is a relic from that time. Fly through the sacred cities and harsh deserts to find The Light with your friends and allies, all with their own personalities. It is time to lead The Light and save the world!


  • The developer has made a team of 150 talented artists. They have illustrated the characters that you can find in Auroria. There are exciting battle animations and breathtaking concept designs in this game.
  • In this voiceover, you will be able to meet many interesting characters. They have actors for each of these characters so that you can enjoy it with us.
  • There are many unique characters with unique personality. Carleen is a captain at Lumo Gardens, she likes justice. Istvan is the leader of Umbraton and he likes loyalty. Kleken is a trickster who can lie without batting an eye. Sinsa leads The Rediesel Wrench and lives carefreely with his comrades. Bethlehem is the ruler of Northland.