33 RD: Random Defense

33 RD: Random Defense was featured in January, 2021 of Tower Defense

This exciting game requires the player to create a team of animals and wizards to protect themselves against lurking enemies. If the monsters reach 33 in number, then you have no chance against them. To prevent them from getting to that number, you’re required to summon your best forces of animals and wizards. You earn a reward after completing 100 stages.

This is a game where you can create your team of animals and wizards. You fight in battles to stop the monsters before they get to 33. You can play single, co-op, or duel modes. In this game, animals and monsters are randomly created by chance. There are many different possibilities in this game!

  • Single Mode: clear over 100 stages and you’ll receive rewards.
  • Duel Mode (1v1 PvP): Strategy is important in this mode. Pick your team of animals and challenge players from all over the world to duels for your victory!
  • Co-op Mode: You can work together with friends to play against hordes of monsters, beat the highest score, and stop them.
  • Animal Characters: You can collect over 50 different animals. Train them to get stronger.
  • Wizards: Train your wizards to learn new skills.
  • Simple Controls: Summon, fuse and upgrade your monsters with just one finger!