4 Best New Android Gacha Games of 2021

Gacha games implements the gacha (capsule-toy vending machine) mechanic, which is similar to loot box. This genre is fun but it is drawing lots of anger from players with Pay-to-win gate.

  • 2020
  • Shining Beyond

    An epic adventure with versatile characters, Shining Beyond also combines skills and costumes that are unseen with any other game. This particular game is classified as an idle-action hybrid and involves the player taking on the scariest monsters. Every hero can be customized according to the player’s taste.

  • Tales Of Crestoria

    TALES OF CRESTORIA is a brand-new Tales adventure for mobile. Emerge into a fantasy world and enjoy a mix of RPG and anime action. The storyline will leave you speechless, while the characters will not disappoint. Lead Kanata and his friends through a world of sins and dangers, but also discover the forgotten principles of morality.


    SINoALICE is a gacha game from director of Nier: Automata. If you love the art-style and music, this game is not a bad choice.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

    The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a new RPG based on the manga/anime of the same name. If you love dynamic combat, breathtaking animations, and a riveting story true to the original, this is the game for you. Its combat system requires players to utilize skill synthesis and ultimate based on card combinations.