9 Best New Android Fighting Games of 2021

  • 2020
  • WWE Undefeated

    WWE lovers now have a chance to engage in real-time head to head WWE competition. You have an opportunity to bring out your inner cerebral assassin by collecting, upgrading, and customizing WWE superstars. The game takes place in a visually appealing environment you can’t resist. You can compete in WrestleMania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, and many more.

  • Prizefighters 2

    Prizefighters has a free-to-play and comes with classic control options, fighter record editing capabilities, and added referee fight stoppage settings. Gamers can go for the premium version if they are craving for more action and unlock more thrilling features. The latest version is compatible with most devices.

  • Shadow Fight Arena

    Shadow fight arena is a relatively new game that involves players competing in a real-time PVP battle. The gamer must show exceptional battle techniques and heroes’ talents to dominate the fighting. Once you have created a dream team of 3 fighters, the fight with the opposing team begins until the winner is determined.

  • Rowdy City Wrestling

    Boxing and wrestling are two main aspects of the game. Your task here is to exercise, to fight, and to become the best fighter in the city. There are many characters and some of them are your friends, others are your enemy. Try to find the difference.

  • Robotics!

    As the name suggests the game is all about robotics. You will have to train your robot to perform different missions, including fighting with other robots, controlled by other players. The best part in the game is ability to create or build your own robot using countless spare parts and technologies. Try to become the best robot trainer.

  • UFC Beta

    The game allows players to pick their favorite UFC fighter and to fight in the ring. The goal is to shape your fighter and to become the number one. Fight versus real players in the real time. The game has superb graphics and animations. Fights are very realistic.

  • Kick-Flight

    In the game, players will experience 360 degree world where they must fight others and win. Battles available include 4 vs 4 player mode which is completed in 3 minutes only. Battles depend on the skills, characters and strategy.

  • 2019
  • The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

    The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is all about fighting with various opponents. Enjoy perfect combos, different enemies, and enjoy fast-paced gameplay. Try to be the best and don’t take prisoners. All the matches in the game are processed in real time. Collect different characters and use strategy to defeat the most powerful opponents.

  • 2018
  • Mayhem Combat - Fighting Game

    Mayhem Combat is a fantastic fighting game which delivers new-age graphics and epic boxing. The game has its unique art and cutting-edge visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology which is a game engine famous for its visual power.