6 Best New Android Endless Running Games of 2021

Endless runner is one of the most popular genres on Android. Their quick match, addicting gameplay, and simple controls make them an accessible genre.

  • 2021
  • Mesh Dash: The Endless Bounce

    It is a hardcore casual reflex game that engages both of your fingers to play. Control the power and jump of your ball through infinite platforms as you enjoy high octane music. Compete with and outrun your opponents to achievements and unlock skins and cosmetics.

  • Faily Skater 2

    Speed and precision are all you need to accompany Phil in a breathtaking street race with his skateboard. Collect as many coins as you can while avoiding random obstacles along the way. Enjoy endless gameplay, crushes, and fun as you unlock unique boards and beards to reward your effort.

  • 2020
  • Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run

    Ever wanted to play and be a spy? Now you can. Pick the character you like, play with him or her across animated cities. Unlock new gadgets and drive some of the coolest cars ever made. Stay hidden and in stealth mode at all times. The whole city is at your disposal so use it carefully and pay close attention to the detail and possibilities the city has to offer.

  • 2019
  • Bouncing Buddies

    In Bouncing Buddies game, players will guide their character over a series of simple and complicated tracks where they have to jump over obstacles and also move left or right.

  • Farm Punks

    Farm Punks is not your ordinary farm. The game is similar to endless running one. Player will swipe to roll the character down a diverse mountain landscape full of obstacles. You can sell fruit to upgrade trees, collect parts to build vehicles, and upgrade your cannon to launch even farther.

  • Stickman Dash Runner

    Stickman Dash Runner is a challenging game of auto-runner, different from any other auto-runner game. One has to bring along twitch-reflexes to achieve success in this game. One who is bored of all other auto-runners on playstore can readily start to play this game.