Different Types of USB Charger Cables For Android

Technology is everywhere. Indeed, the modern day has equipped us with innovations ranging from laptops to our smartphones. Like humans, there will always be a time that you should kick energy into your device. For instance, your phone goes zero percent. In this case, you need a charger cable to plug your phone in. So, let us walk through this guide to know USB Cable types for your android devices.

5 Different Types of Android Charger Cables

There are a lot of USB cable types serving different functions as it continues to evolve and come up to par with the latest devices.

USB Type-A

This is one of the most common types of connectors. The classic flat, rectangular shaped tip is a staple that you will encounter on the other end of your charger. You can also find it on desktops, smart televisions and in your handy flash drives.

Type-A male connector plugs into the Type-A female port. USB Type-A male is the standard “peripheral” connector type is a built-in component found in your computer mice and keyboards. USB Type-A female has the standard “host” type port is on the side of the laptops.

e.g. AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB-A

Type-C port is half the width and one-third the height of a standard USB-A connector (slightly larger compared to Lightning or Micro-USB ports)

USB Type-B

This type is typically used in large devices connected to your computer such as printers and scanners. This features an almost square like appearance on the cable. Today, Type- B can be difficult to find, as equipments develop to a much smaller connection. It is available in mini variations which leads us to the next type of USB.


It is widely known as Mini-USB but it is also known as the Micro-USB B, basically the much smaller version of the USB Type B. Much older devices bear with Mini-USB such as the PlayStation 3 controller, digital cameras, and MP3 players.


Pioneered in 2000, micro USB still holds as a standard in most game consoles and controllers, mobile devices, tablets, and portable battery packs. This type is popular for its speed advantage in transferring data equating to 60 megabytes per second. However, cable types also climb up to support new devices.

USB Type-C

Thanks to the advent of technology, USB Type-C is the fresh standard of chargers, beating all prior cable types. It features an oblong-shaped, rotational symmetrical ends. So, this carries more power, and is significantly fast in transferring data.

Indeed, new specifications will emerge as new innovations go as well. If you are looking for different USB cable types for your android devices, we hope that this article enlightened you.