Different Types Of Tripods For Android Photography

Smartphones are now making a name in the field of photography and filming. With advancing camera specs, a good photo is attainable with just a click. But is a good photo ever enough? Turn your good photos into an even more excellent shot and start using tripods along with your android.

Take a look at these 4 different types of tripods for android and elevate your photography skills:

Height-adjustable tripods

Independent and adjustable, this type of tripod is good for shooting wide angles or long-duration clips. If you’re gearing for higher shots, invest in tripods with longer and more sections. Locking features are available to ensure steady shooting.

e.g. Nagnahz tripod

Nagnahz’s phone tripod is made from Matte Black with 360 Panorama Pan Head, which is perfect for taking photos in any occasions. Its special triangle stabilize structure to hold up more weight up to 4.4lbs (2.0kg), strong enough for any brand smartphones like Samsung and Huawei.


Handy and light-weight, a mini-tripod is perfect for hobby filming and photography. This type of tripod is small enough to fit in your bags for travel and vlogging purposes. Usually, mini-tripods are propped above surfaces that are already elevated like tables, thus earning the name “table-top” tripods.

Flexible tripod

A notch above mini-tripods for their versatility and, as the name implies – flexibility, flexible tripods are also a great pick for vloggers and travel junkies. It is significantly smaller than standard tripods, but with legs that can wrap around poles or any similar structures. Photographers with a thirst for unique-angle shots will love this tripod.

Overhead tripod

Flexible tripods are to mini-tripods as overhead tripods are to adjustable tripods. Meaning, the structure of an overhead tripod is just like the standard one, but with a lateral arm on which you are to place your android to take unique, specialized-angled shots like flat lay photography.

Investing in a good tripod is the key to producing excellent shots. While your hands have proved themselves steady enough from years of practice, using a tripod will provide that extra-refined touch to all your photos and videos taken with just your smartphone’s camera.