Different Types of Chargers for Android

Rest is as important as the work we do. This applies both to humans and our trusty mobile devices. What is food to us is a charger to the energy-consuming products that we have learned to live with. If you have digital friends that need recharging, which I’m pretty sure you do, take note of these 7 different types of android chargers to help those friends regain their optimum best.

9 Types of Android Chargers

Power banks / Portable chargers

Power banks come in all shapes and sizes. They practically give you one or more extra batteries to ensure you never run out of power.

e.g. iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger

iMuto Power Bank is a 20000mAh high capacity and compact size backup battery. It comes with two USB ports, both USB ports detecting your device intelligently and deliver the faster charge. 2 USB ports charge 2 devices simultaneously (Max single & total output 2.4A ). It has LED flashlight for dark or low-light environments.

Wireless chargers

Wireless charging has become a trend recently, and is replacing traditional method of battery charging. Wireless charging transfers power from a power outlet to your device without a connecting cable. Wireless chargers come in various shapes and sizes, from larger mouse mat-like things to small discs.

e.g. NANAMI Qi Certified Wireless Charging Stand

Comes with holder stand design, the charger allows you to use your device while charging like using a phone holder. It supports Quick Charge 2.0 so it can juice up your Android device’s battery from 0% to full in a short amount of time.

Wall chargers

Wall chargers are highly portable and cater to almost any device. Just attach one to any available outlet, connect your device, and you’re good to go.

e.g. 30W Fast USB Wall Plug

18W QC 3.0 provides up to 4x faster speed than conventional charging. It also compatible with Quick Charge 2.0/1.0 enabled Android phones. The charger has  3 USB ports (1xQC 3.0 + 2x5V2.4A) up to a 30W max output.

Desktop chargers

Unlike wall chargers, desktop chargers make use of a USB cable thus extending the possible distance by which you can place your devices as they charge. Don’t be confused by the name. It is perfectly handy to charge even your tablets, smartphones, and digital cameras all at once!

Car chargers

If you are always on the go, car chargers are your best bet. Safe, stylish, and versatile, you would never have to worry about draining your device’s energy on the road.

Green chargers

Green chargers are perfect for people working towards a better, greener world – which we should all be. Ranging from solar chargers to chargers run by pedal power, these chargers make use of renewable and sustainable energy to power up our lives.

USB chargers

Perhaps the most popular of all chargers, USB chargers are convenient to use and highly accessible and affordable in the market. Most mobile phones already come with USB chargers and although it may be slower than other chargers, it still gives your money’s worth.

Multiport USB chargers

Similar to desktop chargers, multiport USB chargers are perfect for people who intend to recharge multiple devices all at the same time. It is neat, travel-friendly, and you can often see one in most offices and public places.

Emergency chargers

Emergency chargers save you from the stress of not finding any available outlet wherever you may be. From slim power banks to bigger energy-storing chargers, emergency chargers are dependable enough to help you make that one life-saving call when your device’s battery is at its worst.

Chargers exist for all kinds and purposes of our devices. You need not worry because wherever you may be and whenever you may need it, there is a charger that can power up your device to keep your work going. While you’re charging, remember to take your healthy break, too!