Best Android Apps to Learn Flutter

Learning a programming language on the go is possible nowadays. There are many types of apps which allows users to access programing resources. Flutter, developed by Google, is a UI framework for making apps, webs, and desktop software.

Following are the best Android apps to learn Flutter:

Flutter Template Examples

Flutter Template Examples is built with Flutter. It is a collection of showcases for basic and animation widgets. You can view basic information like Dart and Flutter cheat sheet to get your feet wet, and view advanced components which make Flutter attractive such as complicated animation and layout.

You can view code of some advanced examples like Tik Tok video page, Skype chat box. The app also has a nice color generator tool where you can generate MaterialColor list for use in your project.

Flutter Gallery

Flutter Gallery is the official gallery app to showcase widgets and behaviors, plus demos and vignettes. It is also made in Flutter.

It features many types of layouts are animations for both Material and Cupertino design.


Prokit – Flutter App UI Kit app is a demo of big template UI kit. You can use this kit to combine and edit these well-thought pre-designed UI elements, texts or images, which helps you save time and efforts in making an app. 

In this demo, you will find design of these screens:

  • WalkThrough screen
  • Sign In screen
  • Sign Up screen
  • Profile screen
  • Dashboard screen
  • Side menu screen
  • Bottom Navigation screen
  • Bottom sheet screen
  • Image Slider screeen
  • Search screen
  • Listing screen
  • Cards Design
  • Popup Dialog
  • Description screen
  • Tab View
  • Setting screen