3 Best Android Apps To Identify Songs

I’m sure that many have been in a situation where you hear a good song on Youtube or in a movie but you could not figure out its name. Without any clue about the song’s name or lyric, it is impossible to identify it. Fortunately, there are song finder apps available for Android devices, which can help you identify a song just by letting your phone hear a part of the song or humming into your smartphone’s built-in mic.

Shazam: Discover Songs & Lyrics in Seconds

Shazam helps you to identify your favorite song in just seconds. The user can search the music itself, artist, album, lyrics, videos, and many more, all for free. Shazam is the most preferred song download platform with over one billion installs so far.

The makers and users alike have described it as magical and a gift to the modern world. There is no song in the world you can’t find with Shazam. All you have to do is search the song’s name on Shazam, and there you have it.

SoundHound – Music Discovery & Lyrics

SoundHound is the best app to discover songs around you. The app allows you to find out the song being played by your neighbor, friend, or just a stranger. Just open the SoundHound app anywhere, and it will tell you which song is playing. Additionally, the app maps the exact location where you heard the song play and enables you to connect your Spotify account to build playlists. The big orange button allows the user to discover the song title, lyrics, and artist. The best part is that you get to play the songs you heard for free. You will also get a chance to know the day’s top songs by merely searching for your favorite song.

Musixmatch – Lyrics for Your Music

Believe it or not, Musixmatch is the world’s most extensive collection of song lyrics for all genres. Millions of people use the app to locate synced lyrics from across the globe. The app is connected to powerful music platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, Google Play, Apple, and more. Most importantly, the Musixmatch allows you to translate excellent songs from a foreign language to the one you understand. Its main features include exceptional song search capabilities, translation, and real-time notifications. Download it today and experience digital music with style.