5 Best New Android Battle Arena Games of 2020

  • 2020
  • Bomb Bots Arena

    Bomb Bots Arena is best for those who love to engage in a multiplayer gaming session. In the bomber arena, you will encounter 3 opponents. You can customize the bot and find out mighty abilities. To win the game, you need to jump over obstacles and escape traps.

  • Disorder

    Disorder is an adventurous game for those who love playing with weapons on the digital battlefield. There is an intertwining of sin and justice in the war. You will act as a soldier and can use arms to win the battle. The game has a range of modes, and the major ones include ULF, Multi-Base Battle, and Base Battle.

  • Wild Brawlers

    Wild Brawlers offers a battle royale style in which you can challenge all players from all parts of the globe. Each battle lasts 3 minutes and you must defeat all of them, period. The battlefield will be constantly changed and always unique.

  • 2019
  • Call of Duty®: Mobile

    Call of Duty®: Mobile features battle royale mode which is based on the elements of the classical and well-known Call of Duty game. One map, 100 players and a lot of weapons. Each player can customize his character, pair him with various weapons and so much more.

  • Guilt Battle Arena

    Guilt Battle Arena is about an arena battle and the twist is that one gets only one bullet for disposal. Therefore, it becomes very important that the attack is timed perfectly. However, bullet backup is offered in case of a miss. But till then, one has to make way to land without getting killed.