23 Best New Android Adventure Games of 2021

Best Adventure Games in 2021

Although an experimental meditative game, Pigeon is a revolutionary game that would allow you to explore a 3D map of London. However, you will have to do this as something else, entirely different from your actual self – a Pigeon. You are required to use your unique skills to locate...
The world of Figment is a strange and surreal world, where is filled with our deepest thoughts, urges and memories, populated by the many voices we hear in our heads. Follow Dusty and Piper on an adventure through the different puzzles to set restore the courage the world.

Best Adventure Games in 2020

Forager allows you to forage and gain rewards for it. The classic 2D game allows exploring, farming and crafting things. Gather resources, use them in a clever way, craft resources, build a base and expand it. Explore, level up and discover new abilities – complete a few puzzles in between...
Play Mousebusters if you want to remove the darkness from certain people, if you want to have fun and if you want to save other, virtual characters. There are no limits here. The game is extremely funny, simple and offers many features that are not seen in other games.
In Swap-Swap Panda you play as a Panda. You need to locate the cupcakes that were stolen from you and retrieve them instantly. Keep in mind that ninjas stole them so you will need a lot of attention, strength, and clever gameplay to restore cupcakes.
You get a massive open world, an appealing story and some puzzles like nothing else. Puzzles are unique and are required to unlock the whole world. You will have to become familiar with the mystery and keep discovering unexpected experiences.
This free action-packed game has an interesting story. You will deal with events, occurred before its original game, known as Ailment. The gameplay is based on a science fiction, where the main protagonist uses a spaceship to trace out virus.
Gamers have a unique capability or drawing and creating their own hero. Once created, you will go on a mission, leading the hero in various battles versus monsters, help him find friends and so much more. There are no major rules when creating your hero. He or she can be...
Sky: Children of the Light is a game that introduces you to the world of animations. There is a kingdom of Sky, where players have to find out the mystery in different realms. You will get a chance of socializing with other players, playing the game. Moreover, you may customize...

Best Adventure Games in 2019

Looking to discover all about your personality? Interested in literature, philosophy or even psychology? Then play the game and reveal so much of your personality and your virtues.
Load the world inspired by unicorns and explore various realms where these mystic creatures live. Solve various puzzles and unmask all the secrets that are present. When you like to get rest, dress your unicorn in any outfit you like and make her look stunning.
The Addams Family - Mystery Mansion is one of the most expected games of 2019. Here a player will have to collect all the characters of the Adams family, decorate the house, enjoy jokes and also expand the mansion.
It is a game of action and adventure and can be played by using only one hand. It is a mix of old games like Bomberman, Goof Troop and Zelda. Playing such a mix on mobile is a unique experience.
Online multiplayer, endless easy mode and first twenty-five levels are included in this game for free fun! You have to help Billy to get to the top in Trap Labs. A maximum up to sixteen players can play this game together and therefore it can be enjoyed easily with friends.
OneBit Adventure is a dungeon exploration game. The world is interesting, one of a kind and loaded with all kinds of enemies and missions. Players can choose different abilities and explore all the levels present. In addition, the game is based on classical gameplay and offers some of the best...
Banana Kong Blast is a great game for fans of the Donkey Kong Country series. Their art styles and gameplay are similar. The game features colorful console quality 3D graphics. Don't miss all the delicious bananas while travelling.
The game offers its players a 3D experience and the players travel on the board at ground level. One can take family or friends in the private or public matches of the game. Also, this game offers offline local play.
It is quite a difficult game and one needs to run the car on the screen through all the bad roads and obstacles. You win in this game only if you are able to reach the goal and that too without spilling the boxes resting on the top of your...
This game is very much like the popular Pokemon Go, though it comes with a different theme. It was released by Niantic and makes use of AR. People in US were able to play this game and hopefully by now, the game is available in UK too.
Layton is a remaster piece of Layton trilogy. It involves murder mystery, puzzles and challenges. Graphics in this game are upgraded ones.
Whispers of a Machine is one of a kind game. It is a click-based adventure in which you will lead a special agent who will have to solve murder mysteries. There are a lot of missions to complete and each one is more complicated than another. Keep in mind that...
It is a click-based game as well and it has the best possible story. It is interesting, detailed and appealing to participate. The game is ideal for children, but adults can test their brain skills as well.
Start the game by assembling your own team.  Different characters have different abilities and powers. All of them are essential when you attack your enemies. The game also has a long list of puzzles that have to be completed.