10 Best New Android Action Games of 2020

  • 2020
  • Kick-Flight

    In the game, players will experience 360 degree world where they must fight others and win. Battles available include 4 vs 4 player mode which is completed in 3 minutes only. Battles depend on the skills, characters and strategy.

  • Castle Ramble

    Castle Ramble is an interesting game in which you get control of the castle, which is infested with enemies who are pigs by the way. Your mission is to train your character, the king and help him destroy all the enemies as quickly as possible. You can upgrade your attacks, your weapons, and your gadgets.

  • Johnny Trigger

    Take down the largest mafia organization in your city. Complete complicated levels, shot the bad guys and explore the surroundings. Your only mission is to lead a character known as Johnny Trigger and give your best in order to defeat the mafia cartel and restore justice.

  • 2019
  • Hoppia Tale – Action Adventure

    It is a game of action and adventure and can be played by using only one hand. It is a mix of old games like Bomberman, Goof Troop and Zelda. Playing such a mix on mobile is a unique experience.

  • Farm Punks

    Farm Punks is not your ordinary farm. The game is similar to endless running one. Player will swipe to roll the character down a diverse mountain landscape full of obstacles. You can sell fruit to upgrade trees, collect parts to build vehicles, and upgrade your cannon to launch even farther.


    Here we have a game that places you in the role of a powerful robot, Gunpla and allows you to control all of its abilities. You can use melee attacks, long-range attacks or more. There are over 25 machines to choose from and each one is completely different. There is no need to add that the weapons are extremely powerful and versatile. In addition, you can customize your machine and make it more powerful.

  • DodgeHarder

    Grab a weapon and start a battle. The DodgeHarder is a highly addictive game that is fast-paced, loaded with details and with customizations you can perform. The main advantage is the ability to make your weapons stronger and to use a robot who is basically an additional character designed to help you as much as possible. The weapons are powerful while the missions are very addictive.

  • Grimvalor

    This game is a combination of perfect graphics, excellent slash and hack performer and suitable price point. Physical controllers are supported by the game and it is available for both android and IOS.

  • Pokémon Rumble Rush

    Earlier this game was popularly known as Pokéland, however, the title disappeared after a few alpha tests were done. Now it has returned with the new name and is gaining popularity among the fans.

  • Evil Dead: Extended Nightmare

    Although there are a lot of missions in the game, all of them have the same goal. You should or better said must stay alive. The new version brings new weapons but also new missions and environments. Game is scary, just the way you like it.