21 Best New Android Action RPG Games of 2021

Best Action RPG Games in 2021

Slash of Sword 2 is the perfect sequel to a game that was already excellent. The graphics have been improved, there are new levels and an exciting storyline! You will play as someone who were accused of a crime you didn't commit, and as punishment you had to fight in...
The classic RPG Bless Mobile comes with four races and five different classes. Each combo carries a unique set of characteristics, which you can work on as you advance through the game – you might as well work on improving weaknesses too. Characters are well optimized and give you plenty...
Action lovers, this is for you. Cyberika is an exciting game packed with action to chase your blues away. The game follows a storyline set in the Cyberpunk universe. Cyberika requires you to explore a distant city called Bradbury Complex whose inhabitants might not be very welcoming. This advanced civilization...
Titan Quest has been around since 2006. A real hero is needed to work with the gods to defeat the Titans. Use your custom-created hero to battle the beasts of mythology and save the Olympians. The games include immortal throne and the uncharted lands, in addition to all DLCs.
This 3D shooting game is based on a fairy tale story and is played by a maximum of 4 players. You are required to cultivate your characters and skills to deal with a fatal blow to the enemy. The player can change the appearance of their characters to make the...

Best Action RPG Games in 2020

Genshin Impact is a game with its own personality which can stand on its own on both mobile and console platforms. It offers a creative combat system and an expansive world to explore.
The 2D RPG brings in an open world style and loads of adventures. The action takes place by the lake of Elmson. There are over 270 monsters, plenty of treasures and numerous abilities and spells. You can even recruit monsters and customize your hero with more than 1,400 unique items.
Raziel: Dungeon Arena is an ARPG game in which players use high-end heroes, where they play versus other players or together and where they need to raid the enemy and defeat him. The game also uses bosses which are difficult to defeat but they do come with their own set...
This is an action game with unique fighting style because you can select among 5 unique cyber fighters with diversity skill & battle style.
The game is about finding a book, but getting there takes ages and tons of challenges. Controls are magnificent, while the worlds and adventures are heart racing and heavily unpredictable. Skills are unique and you have infinite combinations.
bitDungeonIII is best for those who love playing adventure games with other players. You will play a role in saving the world. The gameplay includes randomly generated overworld and dungeons. Every weapon in this game has a different power, and you may change your weapons anytime.
The games introduce you to an amazing world of Harmonia. The land of Harmonia has several Mortal races, like Spirit, Elf, Beast man, Dwarf, Spirit, and Orc. You will play as the Shadow Knight to save Harmonia from darkness.
In Juicy Realm, a player will have to fight plants that are advanced, use weapons, and have self-awareness. You will explore various plants, missions, and more, and by defeating the foes gain access to new weapons and new possibilities. Your mission is to defeat plants once for all.
Enjoy tales and become a part of them. In Immortal Destiny, you will have to defeat various enemies and very powerful bosses. Once ready, you will collect different cards and you will be able to sell them or use them, as you like. Using special effects is more than just...
As a gamer of the Lucid Adventure, you will have to collect various characters, to defend the ambush, play in multiplayer mode and also to become a ranker. The limits are endless and there are almost countless options to become the strongest player of them all.
Enjoy the most spectacular valley of all time. Collect heroes, master the game with them and protect the valley. Join others and participate in stunning games that involve skills, magic and complete personalization of each character available in the game.
RPG single player game where you can enjoy stunning graphics, collect various artifacts and explore the beautiful surroundings and levels. Music is specifically created for this game and it is spectacular. All the items are mystical in nature and come with high definition. Enhance your items as you play.

Best Action RPG Games in 2019

Pick one of the thousands of various combinations, plenty of pilots and defeat all who stand in your way. Enjoy some of the best and the most detailed fights and conflicts in the smartphone industry and enjoy becoming the best player of them all.
Complete the game by solving puzzles and mysteries using the entire touchscreen of your device, not just onscreen buttons. You will be drawn into the game thanks to a deep and detailed story. Each level offers countless combinations and endless possibilities.
Make your own new character and customize her or him precisely as you want within seconds. Enter an impressive realm filled with various enemies and opponents of all genders and all types. Defeat the bosses and win the game.
This newly updated game is like its original version Nonstop Knight, but it uses expanded mechanics of RPG. Playing this game is fun though it is not a balanced one.